About Us

We are a music label dedicated to re-releasing out of print music on CD and download, that the original record companies consider to be uneconomic to re-release on CD, some have been out of print for over 50 years. Our new recordings are released on our sister label Shot in Dark.

There are three types of recordings we release, the first two are acquired or licensed from the original (or successor) copyright holder. The recordings are remastered from the master tapes or best available source.

The third type are recordings based upon recording that are at least 50 years old. Under the United Kingdom’s Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, sound recordings have copyright protection for 50 years after the year of release, i.e. any recording release on or prior to 31st December 1962 has entered the public domain. Recordings from 1963 onwards have 70 years. With these recordings we digitally remastered from the best sources we can obtain, these are normally original LPs or singles in excellent condition. Using the latest technology, we strive to correct any faults in the original LP pressing and the original recording, where possible. We do not overuse the technology, which would otherwise affect the dynamic range of the recording or create artificial sounds.

While the compositions' copyright last until 70 years after the composers death. All our titles are MCPS licensed, ensuring that the composers/ songwriters (or their estates) and publishers are paid. Also the musicians who performed on the original recording are eligible to receive public performance income,if any of our recordings receive a public performance, subject to them (or their estate) being registered with PPL.
Our aim is for Coronet to represent quality restored and mastered historical recordings.

We restore, remaster and re-release the recordings because we love the music and want to share it with others. Most of the releases do not breakeven.


Remastering recordings correctly is a slow process and requires many hours of work to remaster a single track even with the lastest restoration software. There are people and companies ripping off other people hard work (including our releases) and then release them as their own on iTunes and Spotify. This is illegal.

New sound recording copyrights exist in all of the remastered recordings we release. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of these recordings are prohibited.